Success Stories 2012

Before and after pictures of some of our success stories.
These dogs have all been placed in new homes.

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Bella is doing WONDERFUL. It's like she has always lived here. She is like a different dog from the first day we got her. She plays like crazy and has 3 different pink doggie beds to choose from. She is so good and listens to everything she is told. We are so blessed to have her. Thank u again and I have been taking tons of pictures. I will send u some today.

The kids were very surprised. They kept saying, “So he's not going to leave again? He's ours to keep?”
Everything is good! Bentley is every much the puppy you said he was! He's very playful but also likes to cuddle. The kids absolutely LOVE him. Rick and I do too. He has been taking lots of walks and sleeps in the crate at night without any issue.
Thank you for everything! It is greatly appreciated.

Biscuit is a wonderful dog, and he is doing fine in his new home. We take him out for walks twice a day, with my other Shih-Tzu Buddy. They both love the outdoors. They both enjoy playing together and love playing tug of war with the toys. Sometimes the playing gets a little rough, so I am working with both dogs on that. All in all the dogs love each other, wait for each other when we are walking, take naps together and sleep together at night time on my bed. Biscuit has a little bit of separation anxiety whenever I leave the room, even though Buddy is with him, but I am sure he will get over that in no time. He quickly became a fun new member of our family.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Lew and Karen of Silver Lake Animal Rescue. Having never rescued a dog before, Lew and Karen were extremely patient with us in our quest to rescue a dog to be a companion for our 8 year old Standard Poodle Maggie. We found Charlie, who was named Chooch, on Petfinder and he was being taken care of by SLAR. Charlie is a 18 month old miniature poodle mix who is the sweetest and smartest dog. Lew and Karen wanted to make sure that Charlie was going to a good home and went out of their way to bring Charlie to our house to meet Maggie as well as my wife and kids. Things went really well. We made a special request that Lew and Karen keep Charlie until we could get our house in order to welcome him. They were extremely accommodative of our requests. When we went to pick him up we were given everything we needed to make Charlie feel welcome at our our house. From leashes, dog food, treats and even a bed for his crate Charlie had everything he needed to make the transition. We also received all of his documentation and he was microchipped. We were absolutely amazed.
Charley has done extremely well here so far. It’s amazing the amount of interest that Lew and Karen have taken in making sure his transition has gone smoothly. They are truly wonderful and caring people. I highly recommend when thinking about rescuing a dog that you consider Silver Lake Animal rescue.

Our first week with Biscuit has been a wonderful experience! He has so much love to give and is not afraid to share. We are so fortunate and blessed to share our lives with him.
He went everyday to one of our CrazyDog organized walks, and he did really well. Not sure of his limits, we kept slower paces and no more than two miles until we can feel him out. Today temps were cooler so we did three miles and he lead the pack. We all took a couch and napped this afternoon, so it was a great day.
It's evident their love is growing as another dog this morning, new to our group, showed aggression through barking and snarling aimed at Biscuit. They were kept at a distance, but to Biscuit's defense was WeeZee as she jumped to his side. It's nice to see that bond grow stronger.
They're like an old married couple sleeping on the couch, he snores, and she nudges him to move over and stop. They really are cute together. I tell you, they are inseparable.

Dillon is adjusting very well. He loves his morning walks and wags his tail during most of the walk. He is so cute, he’s finally eating his meals not just stealing bites of food. Dillon is starting to sleep very close to me at night so I know he is starting to relax. While play out back yesterday he started howling at me and it made me laugh. We are truly enjoying him.

It is just 7pm on Sunday, but I wanted to let you know how well they are doing together. They've played for hours and hours, mostly tug of war with various toys, but sometimes just frolicking with one another. One round of chasing was for the washcloth that Riley found on the edge of the tub and went running with. Leksey took it and popped out in the yard. It'll be fun for me to learn his antics vs. what I know of her. He was quite pleased with his discovery, and wanted it back after I went out and took it.
Thanks again for taking good care of him, so he'd be there for us to find.

Angel is a wonderful dog, so loyal and affectionate. It’s been a pleasure adding her to our household. We Thank you for allowing us to adopt her. Keep up the good work.

Clyde is such a sweet dog. He has been so good. We have taken him on a bunch of walks and he does very well. He seems to have really become attached to me. We are trying to let Nicholas take him out to go the bathroom and feed him so he becomes a little more attached to Nicholas. He loves his crate and has slept in it every night. If he's not in his crate he is hanging out in his bed downstairs. We could not have asked for a better dog for our family! Thank you!!!!

I have named Bonnie -- Jamie -- Inititals of 3 very special people in my life that will not ever know her but would love her unconditionally.

Joseph - my dad
JoAnn - my sister
Mary -- my mom (although she does sit on Mom's bed in Nursing Home she is not aware of Jamie being there)

So J A M and I added IE and named her Jamie.

She is doing very well. Took her to my vet yesterday. On meds for her ears -- allergies, otherwise all OK. She is eating good and is a pleasure to have. Very loveable and loves to be near you.

Neighbors are amazed of the personality she has after only being adopted a week ago. Took her to dog park three times and on lots of long walks. I am off the end of this week so it is good to bond with her.

I did return the crate last night. She is fine in the house. No messes.

Am sending a couple pictures to my family so they can see her.

Thanks for all of your help in my adopting her. I did change the microchip to my name and 24 Hour Pet Watch (where I had pet insurance on Hayley) reassigned me for an insurance policy on Jamie.

So I think I am up-to-date on things I needed to do for Jamie.

I am very happy to have her.

Just wanted to let you know how Ziggy is. We're all having a wonderful time. He's totally bonded to me, and pretty much to Sam too. We've gotten his pet insurance and appllied for a lifetime license through Montgomery County. We took him to Rau Animal Hospital to have his chip scanned for the license, and he weighed 8 lbs.

He's been sleeping next to my bed in a bed I bough for him, but we have the crate with his other bed in the den where we watch TV. After he's tired of playing with us, he climbs into the crate and chills til we take him out and go to bed. He's doing very well with toileting. We take him out first thing in the morning, after breakfast, a couple of times in the afternoon, after dinner, and just to pee before bed. I've only been using the belly band at bed time, but he's been dry, so I think we're almost done with it.

We've gotten him some more toys, and he loves them - you were right, he's VERY playful, and incredibly cute! He loves the Hope's cookies you sent, too!

Anyway, just wanted you to know that Ziggy is a wonderful dog, and we're so happy to have him! And I've lost 3 lbs. since Tuesday night, just from walking him and snacking less! WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!

Thanks so much for your part in this new chapter in our lives.
Debbie & Sam

All is going really well. We finally landed on his name - Buddy. He's such a love bug and high energy. He's getting Luna to walk and they love to play. No house training issues at all. Thank you again for finding him and letting us adopt him.

All is well with Jimmy. He loves to go for walks in the neighborhood, and he is friendly when meeting other dogs. My daughter still loves to proudly walk him around the development, and she insists that we bring him to all her soccer games because the girls on her team adore him. He and our older dog are getting along very well. She really seems to love having him to play with. When we throw the ball around in the back yard, she catches it and then he chases her. They both get a great workout. Sometimes they play tug o'war with the toys which is really cute. He's eating well. We love him very much- thank you so much for bringing him into our life. He is a joy.

Auggie has been wonderful. We play fetch for an hour in the morning and an hour when we get home. He gets so excited when we show him his leash to go out. He's been great with going to the bathroom, and is socializing well with my parent's dog. We love Auggie and are so happy to call him our own. In fact, we have recommended you several times to our friends looking for a pet.