Success Stories 2017

Lew and his wife Karen truly care about the dogs they foster and they are very diligent and determined about finding them the perfect forever home. We couldn't be happier and would highly recommend Silver Lake Animal Rescue.
Connie and Ralph

Before and after pictures of some of our success stories.
These dogs have all been placed in new homes.

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Reese is doing fine. She is sitting on my lap now. She is bonding with both of us. She likes her toys and treats, she seems to be very content.
I bought her a harness, but because of the cold, we are only going out on short walks, even with her coat. She likes running around the yard. Reese likes to sit with me at night, she sits with Tony during the day. She is getting over her shyness with each day.
Thank you.


Hi Lew and Karen,
It's been one week with enough kisses to pay off my Honda with just charging a penny for each kiss. Maggie is so loveable and everyone in the neighborhood has fallen in love with her.
Maggie has been such a pleasure. She follows me everywhere. When I do the dishes she is right at my feet. I have to be careful because she is like superglue.
Friday she played with Tucker outside with his rope ball. He was chasing the ball and she was chasing him. Both were on extended leashes so they couldn't get away. She had a great time and both dogs were tired with we left.
I went out yesterday to Giant to pick up a few things. I walked her before I left and gave her a treat in her crate. She went right in as you said she would.
She has met several dogs in the neighborhood and all went well. Last night, we went next door to visit one of her new boyfriends. His name is Oliver Henry and he's a Labordoodle. He is very patient and submissive to her. They got along great! I think there is a budding romance about to take place.
This morning we went for a nice walk in the snow. She loved it. She would have stayed out there for hours. She saw Oliver Henry this morning and sparks started to fly again!
We are having such a great time. She keeps me active which is great.


Hi Lew and Karen,
Everything is well with Princess. The day you dropped her off, she and Wren ran around the yard for about three hours. She is adjusting well to her new home. She’s a keeper, we already consider her part of the family.......


Hi Lew and Karen,
I cannot begin to describe to how perfect everything is going. Oliver already feels like he's been a part of the family for ages. Sophie and him have become great friends and love playing and cuddling together. It's almost hard to believe how great the first week has been.
We want to say thank you again for letting him join our little family. We can't imagine a better fit. The love and care you two showed Oliver definitely goes noticed and plays a part in how great he is.
Best, Julia and George


As soon as Lew sent me the pictures of the little gray dog he had just finished grooming, I knew I had to meet him. Who could say no to a face like that? Certainly not me! Before I knew it, I had a new little buddy named Smokey--and Lew made sure he was neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before I could take him home.
With the help (and extreme patience) of Lew and Karen, Smokey is settling into his new home very well. His favorite things are meeting new dogs on our walks, playing fetch in the house, and taking up the maximum amount of space possible on the couch. He's so friendly that people are amazed he's a rescue and that I've only had him for a month!
We are taking a Basic Manners class and we're learning some needed commands, although so far they haven't taught a command for "it's the weekend, go back to sleep"!
Lew's first assessment was spot-on--he's a good dog.
Thank you to Silver Lake Animal Rescue!


Roscoe is doing great. He's eating well and going out to do his business. He's completely house-broken and I think he's teaching Rosie. Roscoe and Rosie are figuring out their personal space. He's a wonderful addition to this tribe. He's sooooo sweet. Right now they are both sleeping in the bed with us so you know who rules this house.


Lew and Karen-
Fiona is truly a delight!!! She is doing really well---she loves everyone, and everyone loves her. She lets us know when she needs to go out, and comes when we call her name. She loves bath time, and snuggling is her favorite. We are thrilled to have her, and she is fitting in really well.
Thanks for taking such good care of her - she is a treasure. I hope all is well with all your other rescues......
Tracy and Rick


We rescued Pebbles from SLAR about three weeks ago and couldn't be happier. She fit into our family immediately. When our daughter, who adopted her family's dog from SLAR several years ago, contacted Lew about possibly finding a dog for us, he had already met Pebbles and told our daughter he had the perfect dog for us! And he was right! Lew had her spayed and vetted prior to adoption, which was a wonderful thing. Since adopting Pebbles, Lew has checked in a few times to make sure everything was going ok. He and his wife Karen truly care about the dogs they foster and they are very diligent and determined about finding them the perfect forever home. We couldn't be happier and would highly recommend Silver Lake Animal Rescue.
Connie and Ralph


Hersh and I are so happy with Allie. She fits in to our home like a little piece of our puzzle. She is just the right size and temperament to handle "Bob" our min pin. She loves running around on the deck and walking on the bike path. We've given her Jan. 04, 2009 as her birthday. Jan. 04 was my schnauzer "Rosie's" birthday. She passed from Kidney disease but sometimes I see Allie and think it is Rosie.
I don't know how you two did it but you picked out the most perfect furry little girl for our family. I look forward to many years of happiness with Allie and Bob by my side. I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful work of giving that you do!
Please come and visit anytime.
Regards, Nancy and Hersh