Success Stories 2016

I am so thankful for Bear and the hole he has filled in my heart, rescue's are special fur babies and every home should have one.
What you do for these special animals is wonderful and you should be proud.

Before and after pictures of some of our success stories.
These dogs have all been placed in new homes.

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Lew and Karen, Buster is doing amazingly well. Every day he comes more and more out of his shell. He has become very playful. His signature move is the butt swing. He will walk up to Cooper and swing his butt at him. When he isn't playing with Cooper or a various stuffed animal, he's curled up on the couch. He absolutely loves that couch. They exhaust each other and it's wonderful.
I particularly love his ears and when they stick out like he is going to take off. He also loves going for walks. He will sit at the front door and ask to go out. His appetite has been very healthy.
I just told Paul that I couldn't believe we have only had him for a week. It feels like much longer. We are very thankful for all that you have done for him. We couldn't imagine life without him. He has an amazing personality and I am so happy he has a 2nd chance at life. (a very spoiled life).
Lauren and Paul


Hard to believe it's been a week. He is a great dog. We love him and he loves us. Goes to door when he has to go and coming home from work he is at the door. He is also a great watch dog. He lets us know when someone is coming to the house but doesn't bark as they walk on the sidewalk past the house. I was hoping to send you a video of him fetching the ball ( just because you said he wouldn’t do it for you). Makes different spots in house to sleep, couch, love seat, either sons room, our room. We love when he decides to move his dog bed where he wants it. Just one thing the wife and kids liked Rocky as his name and he does answer to it So it's now Rocky.
Can't thank you enough for him He is a joy and he's a big hit with the neighbors. When weather breaks will send you a short video of him playing ( he also has a tennis ball he plays with in the house and will sometimes amuse himself playing with it)
John, Dotty, John Joe and Rocky


Two years ago I lost my beloved Jack Russell that I'd had for 17 years. It broke my heart so completely that it took me a long time to think about adopting another dog. Finally I decided I was ready and I looked everywhere. I looked at shelters and rescues but unfortunately could not find the one.
Lew from Silver Lake Rescue happens to work with me and everyone told me to see him about adopting. So I did. He asked exactly what I was looking for and I described to him my old dog exactly. Short legged, muscular, heart of gold. Just not a toy dog. Anything but that.
So a few minutes later I got a call from Lew. He said he knew I said I didn't like toy breeds, but, he had just gotten a call from someone needing to rehome a King Charles Spaniel. I nearly dropped the phone. KING CHARLES SPANIELS ARE MY FAVORITE DOGS!! Lew laughed and said really? But it's a toy breed. I said. Oh, well I want her!!
So after a careful process of meeting her and her mom and filling out paperwork, a few days later I went home with my new baby. She's the most perfect dog I could ever ask for. She's one and a half and potty trained and just a darling. I love her so much. My heart is healed and I have Lew at Silver Lake Rescue to thank.I named her Lady Velvet Rosaline, or 'Velvet'. I can't imagine my life without her.


I want to thank Lew, Karen and everyone at Silver Lake Animal Rescue who cared for my wonderful dog Sammy. It is obvious he was loved and prepared for his forever home. I really appreciated your assistance and information provided about Sammy's vaccinations, microchip and of Sammy himself. I love him, he is sweet, funny and makes me happy every day. After meeting Sammy many people have asked me about your organization. I've given all of them your contact information. Thank you for fostering Sammy and making him the healthy and happy dog that he is.


Riley supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Riley practicing walking in his new winter gear. We'll see how it goes.

Silver Lake Animal Rescue (SLAR), would like to thank the
Trenton Orthopaedic Group
for their generous donation which helped SLAR
launch Riley into his new happy life:

Riley is a much happier place

Hi Lew and Karen,
The bonding is going well. Riley is a gem and I am so very happy to have him as my companion.
Riley has adjusted well. He enjoys his long walks and has gotten to know the local canine and feline neighbors. He is really attached to a 20 lb Tomcat named Bruce. Bruce could care less about Riley, but that doesn’t stop Riley from trying to play with Bruce. Bruce will sit with the dogs, but when Riley wants to play Bruce leaves. Everyone can’t believe that Riley is 3-4 years old. Riley is the smallest and the cutest (not just according to me).
On Friday Riley will have a spa day. A bath and a little trim. Riley is such a good dog. With all the rain and thunder showers sometimes we don’t get out on time, but he is very patient with me. When he sees me with the harness and leash he really gets excited.
Riley is really adjusting well. My granddaughter and daughter can’t get enough of Riley and he enjoys all the attention and the extra walks.
Karen, I did meet "Crazy Riley". He has this energy burst and starts to run around the apartment like a little speed racer, barking and going from room to room. I thought it was because he needed an extra walk, but he does it after walks too. I bought him lots of toys and fetch and playing with him calms him down. He sleeps like a baby afterwards. Riley still likes the Grund Bear the best. He will take him to bed or on the couch.
I will keep you up on how Riley is doing. He has really been good for me and I know that his new forever home is good for him. Things couldn't be better now that we have each other.
Donna and Riley


Bruce, Julia and the Nittany Lion

I am so happy that we adopted Bruce. I have been asking for a dog basically for my whole life. When my Dad finally agreed to get one, we started looking. Bruce has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is the best dog ever!

Lew and Karen,
When I first saw Bruce's picture on Pet, I knew he was the one. With the ball in his mouth, I figured he was playful and active, plus that face was so cute! When we came to meet him, I knew he was the perfect dog for our family and even happier to rescue him through your shelter, Silver Lake Animal Rescue. Lew was very friendly and in tune with Bruce's habits and had truly loved him while getting him ready to adopt to a new family. He and Karen took extra care to ensure we were the right family and would take great care of him and love him. When Lew and Karen brought Bruce to us a few days later, they came with food, and treats and toys – a box full of goodies to ensure he was all set up. Lew had many crates for us to purchase for Bruce which was great. The first night he was with us, he barked and whined but after that, he acclimated so well to our home. He slept in the crate for only a week, however; and soon wanted nothing to do with it! Bruce is so well-trained and loves to play fetch, take long walks, and very playful. My husband, who wasn't a dog lover at all, was the first to take a selfie with him, and as he says "I love him for the dog that he is and the dog that he is going to be" (anyone know what movie that is from?) He plays with him and even kissed him on the forehead… We took Bruce to Penn State for a weekend and had our first "pet-friendly" hotel booking. He was very happy in the hotel and even had his picture taken with the Nittany Lion!

I would say Bruce is a huge success, and my daughter's favorite birthday present ever! She sleeps with him, cuddles with him, and we laugh every day when playing with him. He has a great personality and is so playful. Thank you Lew and Karen for taking such great care of him, and for letting us adopt him. He has found his forever home and will be truly loved!


So. It's been 4 years on Monday. Linus has a new canine brother and a human 12 yo sister. Life is good and Linus is as madly in love with my boyfriend as I am. I think he actually likes Jim better than he likes me now… Thank you so much for saving Linus, my life would never be the same without him. I hope all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you.


Lew and Karen,
Thank you for bringing Trent into our lives. We lost Ziggy about five months ago, the house has not been the same. We’ve had dogs all our lives, they bring such joy and happiness. They are part of the family.
Trent is a wonderful dog, He has certainly filled a huge void. We are very grateful to you and Silver Lake Animal Rescue.


Remy is a very sweet and affectionate dog. He loves to play with his toys and snuggle on the couch. He takes lots of long walks with Mom and Dad and likes to go into the office with Mom. He does well with people and wants everyone to play with him and pet him. He is very inquisitive and intelligent and has a silly side. Remy is our happy wiggly doggie that we're happy to have as a part of our family!
Thanks again for all the help in finding us our dog!


Thank you so much for caring for Bear and checking up on him. It makes me very happy to be able to tell you he is well and running my home like a true little prince. I love him so very much and everyone who meets him loves him. He loves running and chasing squirrels in the back yard and is so smart. He is constantly by my side and sleeps in my bed every night. His tail is constantly wagging and I'm sure he know he has a forever home.
I want you to know that I am so thankful for Bear and the hole he has filled in my heart, rescue's are special fur babies and every home should have one.
What you do for these special animals is wonderful and you should be proud.
Fondly, Nora


Hi Lew and Karen,
I just wanted to quickly touch base with you, as it's been 3 years, almost to the day when we adopted Biscuit from you. He's such a great dog, and we all love him to death. He now weighs 22 pounds, and is living like a king. At the time we adopted him, the vet thought he was a shih-tzu mix, so for fun I had a DNA test done on him. I found out he's 100% llhasa apso. He follows me everywhere, and is a great watch dog! I'm sending you a few pictures of him. Biscuit and my other dog Buddy are inseperable, and they love going on car rides together. Thanks so much for letting us adopt Biscuit.
Have a wonderful holiday.