Success Stories 2013 - 14

Before and after pictures of some of our success stories.
These dogs have all been placed in new homes.

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Hi Lew,
Hi guys, Thought you might enjoy an update on Ben (formerly “Fenway”). In the almost 2 years since he became part of our family, he has become an indispensable part. He’s now a strapping 29 lbs., completely settled in (indicated by an amusing tendency to sleep flat on his back) and thoroughly happy, almost as much as we are to have him. I think you can call him one of your major successes. Right now he’s moaning at Chris over who’s going to sleep where (there seems to be a dispute over who gets the pillows)... Just thought you’d like to know. Thanks again for bringing him into our lives...

My wife and I are thrilled with our adoption of Rex from SLAR. He is a such a lovable dog. He is relaxed most of the time, but usually gets excited and playful in the early evening each day, which is so much fun to see. He already knows the sound of the garage door opening when one of us comes home and he is always right there to greet us. We look forward to taking care of and enjoying Rex for many years.

Hi Lew,
Remember Coleman? Can you believe I've had him for 7+ years? He's the best. He's happy. We just love the little snuggly guy. He's nearly normal in his old age. He just won't eat out of a bowl.
Happy Thanksgiving

This is DEWEY and he is so grateful to you guys for taking care of him until I came to get him 3 years ago, so this is his 7th birthday.
Thank you for all you do and Bless you both

We can't thank you enough. Buddy is PERFECT!! He loves people and other dogs, he plays and snuggles, he is AWESOME!! I met a couple in Tyler and gave them your Web site.
All the best,
Lynn, Barry and Rachel

Just wanted to let you know it appears Bailey is settling in. His temperament is wonderful. He is a mellow Lakie but he likes toys!
Our vet thought he was in great shape. She told me to wait a bit for a haircut so not to over traumatize him.
Bailey likes the couch over the floor (go figure). doesn't care for the crate but tolerates it. Once out he takes the blanket out of it and drags it throughout the house. The vet tech was able to get her hands in his mouth to clean tartar off his teeth. He was great when neighbor dogs greeted him. He has loved everyone that comes in the house and is a good watch dog. I have to watch the doors given my new understanding of how fast he is but his sit/stay is VERY good. He is slow on eating at the moment but I think he is still just settling in. In fact, one of my friends just asked if you had more dogs for adoptions - they thought his temperament was so good. (they are shih tzu people)
If you like updates, I'll gladly send more. this will be a success story as failure is not an option. He will have a good home and he is a perfect little Lakie!! I just love the breed - and he is true to form.
You must do a great job at rescue as he is a perfect gentleman in the home. No need for belly band. NO marking (except of course outside on every bush he finds!) at all. He is starting to let us know when he wants to go out. I got him a new bed (he didnt' seem to like that one... did he sleep in a dogbed?). He appears to prefer a human bed... with a human in it first! I have one of those doggie throws too so put him on that. no mess/dribble/mark.
He is a true therapy dog too -- he is great with my Mom. He comes when she calls and sits right on her lap -- NO dog has done that in the past!!! He could sit for hours letting her pet him. He stays clear of the cane when she is walking. He doesn't beg for food. He eats when he gets really hungry.
All the best,

Bailey, now named Sadie, is settling in very well. We think she is getting the idea that the cat does not want to play - at least she is spending less time barking at the cat. She is actually being very well behaved. There have been no housebreaking accidents, she loves playing with her frisbee and enjoys her evening walks with Daddy!

All in all, Phil and I have fallen in love with her. She is sweet, loving, intelligent and snugglely (if that's a word). Thanks for finding her for us!

We hope to hear from you again soon & wish you continued good luck with your rescue activity

I would like to thank you for allowing me to adopt Lucky and Phoenix. They have brought so much joy into my life. At first, I had some reservations about adopting both dogs. However, it’s worked out perfectly. I’m happy that I was able to keep them together, as they should be. I’m so glad to have met you guys, Silver Lake Animal Rescue is the best. Keep in touch.

Wanted to let you know that all is well. Finally got a blog post up about Milo... and that we ended up naming him Franky! Cecil just didn't seem to roll off the tongue! lol He's settling in great...absolutely no difficulties or complaints. What a complete little sweetheart! Will be posting more in the near future.

Bella has been with me for almost two weeks and is settling in nicely and appears quite comfortable in her new surroundings. She is an absolute joy. She loves to just cuddle up on my lap, go for long walks, eat treats and lounge on the sofa. She is so happy to get love from everyone she meets. My special thanks to Lew and Karen for saving this sweet little girl.

Note about Rosie: Rosie, a 5-year old purebred Golden Retriever, was brought to a local vet’s office for euthanasia. Rosie was suffering from pyometria, an infection of the uterus which obviously only effects dogs who have not been spayed. After rescue stepped in, Rosie received immediate emergency surgery. Her recovery went very smoothly, she was adopted the following week.

”Rosie is cool, calm and perfectly at home. She wanted to give us a gift when we came in from the outside so she gave us a package of dog food. Rosie now has balls etc in the kitchen to keep her busy. She is laying at my feet as I write this. Thank you again for all you did for us“.

Two weeks ago we adopted a puggle named Chip from Silver Lake Animal Rescue. Every morning he hikes with us and every night he snuggles with us. The neighborhood kids love him and he loves them back. Out of all the dog toys he has his favorite toys are kid toys. He is the best thing that ever happened to us we couldn't be happier with our newest family member.

May is doing great. She knows our house and has settled in quite nicely. Still barks a bit but walking on the leash is greatly improved. She is well loved and not only by us, but by our family and all the kids on the street. May is a great addition to our family.

Niko is doing just fine. He is running the house and keeping the other 3 dogs in line. He has a girlfriend named Lola next door. She is a schitzu. We had a birthday cake on Sunday for him. His b’day was last Wed 20th. Big #8. Nava and I keep in touch and I send her pictures. Thank You again!! It's wonderful having a pom in my home again!!

I am pleased to say that Chase had his last tutoring session and he has done splendidly. Yesterday, he sat on my mother’s lap and he was very well behaved. Chase has a permanent home here, he is a very happy boy. Thank you.

Just wanted to give a little update on our boy:) We've changed his name to Ben, and he is so smart--he knows his new name and comes running already. Ben is adapting nicely, and I think he is in love with Becky---they played for over an hour straight this afternoon. The big guy has stolen our hearts already----he is such a love bug---all you have to do is look in his direction and the tail starts going.
We are going to have to work on the stairs with him. The deck steps are fine, but the two indoor sets---one to the upstairs bedrooms and to the basement studio are rather steep. He is so smart I know he will have them down in no time.
Ben is funny---has to know where Becky is at all times. Today they were laying next to each other on their backs playing---too funny.
Thank you so much for saving Ben---he’s just a wonderful boy.

I want to thank you again for allowing us to adopt a great dog. Calvin has made a lot of progress. His latest training was to prepare for the CGC/Therapy dog test. We are just heading home from visiting Nancy's mom, she is 96. We rented a cottage on the lake. Calvin ran on the beach every day even with snow on the ground and he loved it. He did get to play and romp on the beach with another high energy dog over Thanksgiving. I think that actually tired him out for a short while.
Thanks again for everything.