Success Stories 2015

I'm sure you don't get e-mails about a foundling so long after an adoption, but I just wanted you to know that Max (small Pom mix, red, about 15 pounds, blind in one eye) that we got from you folks about 3 years ago is the joy of our life. He's very happy, healthy and goes everywhere with us. His daily routine includes the OC Dog Park but he spends at least an hour a day chasing seagulls in our fenced backyard. Thank you again for so much happiness. I only wish there were two of him.

Before and after pictures of some of our success stories.
These dogs have all been placed in new homes.

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Hi Lew,
Pie was lovely on his first day! After a few trips down to the backyard he went on his first walk around town. Pretty good on the leash, knows to sit/wait before we cross the street and stuff. Had another good dinner, in his new dish (everybody got new dishes!), and a good yard walk shortly after dinner, where he promptly did his bizniss, lol. Good boy!
Kept him confined in the kitchen when I went out to pick some things up – doggy stairs for the big bed (which he has already learned to use), the new dishes, a harness and long (15 ft) training lead for in the back yard so he can check stuff out without pulling me all over.
All in all he’s doing very well! My little shadow!
Pie is “home”, no doubt about it…

Hi Lew and Karen
Bear is a dream, I took yesterday off and we had a great day, he follows me everywhere. He did great today when I went to work, I left a radio on for him and he was in the window when I pulled in the drive way. He loves sleeping on my bed and curling up on my lap to watch tv.

Please let Carmine know I love him and plan to give him a good home and lots of love for the rest of his life.

Hi Lew,
Just wanted to let you know Daphne has adapted very well with us and we couldn't be happier with her. She goes crazy when she sees us come home and that's just what Barb was hoping for lol. Most of the time she remains real calm and likes to roam around the house when we are all here. She also has accepted her cage and often times will take a nap with the door open when we are sitting at the dining room table. We absolutely love her to death and are so happy you brought her into our lives. Thank you again. She is well loved and taken care of.

Hi Lew,
Steve is certainly part of the pack – he fit right in. He is a busy-body and loves to run around the yard checking things out – and if ANY of them go out, he’s right there with them, busting out the door. They all love to run out in a frenzy, pushing the others out of the way through the door in a big group. Good old Steve and Bear – their favorite new hang out together as buds. J

Hi Lew,
She is doing great! I’m amazed at how easily she fits right in. She slept well between us in bed, and she’s a happy little girl. We went for a walk today, she met some neighbors, received some gifts ( a basketball jersey and a sweater from our friends across the street - their dog outgrew them) and there have been no problems. We went out for about half an hour and Annabelle and Rosie did just fine. She’s a very good girl!
We gave her a small elk antler and she loves it! She carries it from chair to chair to couch. :-) She also loves sitting on the chair looking out the window. Thanks

Hi Lew,
Meet Baileys new daddy "Mitch”. His mommy "Sandy” is taking the pic. Bailey is going to meet his cousins today, and he's very excited. Bailey is such a joy for us, we're enjoying every minute with him............

Bella at my neighbor's house playing with their 3-year old. They sent me this picture saying what a good sport she is. Our girl had her second Merry Christmas. She is a cutie. Very vicious though. My niece came in the other night and she didn't even get off the sofa. She's too much…

Hi Lew,
Happy holiday! Duke is doing very well he has adjusted to his new family. He has had several outings and loves to meet new people. We adore him. He had a great Christmas.

Here is a picture of Duke napping with his new sister Madison.

Duke is also interacts well with the cat and Pomeranian he lives with.
Thank you again for connecting us with Kelli.